• Choir

    OJH Choir is an extra-curricular activity for students who want to join. There are many events that are associated with the choir as well as concerts. The concerts will be during the fall, winter, and spring.

    Each choir member will be expected to have the following supplies:

    1. A pencil bag that stays in your choir binder.

    2. Pencil(s) that stay in your choir binder pencil bag.

    3. A large eraser that stays in your choir binder pencil bag.

    4. Please bring 1 box of tissue for class-singing makes your nose run!

     Each choir member’s grade will be averaged from the following areas:

    1. Written work

    2. Daily rehearsal

    3. Class singing test grades-group and individual

    4. Lines-individual sight reading

    5. Concert attendance-mandatory, any concert missed must be made up even if the reason missed is for a school activity.

     Every choir member is required to have a choir shirt. Orders will be taken for these at the beginning of the year. The cost of the shirt will be $10 or $12. Please do not bring money to school until order forms are sent home. There is also a formal uniform that students will wear for our more formal concerts.



    1. School issued gray polo shirt

    2. Black dress pants

    3. Black socks and black dress shoes

    4. Black belt


    1. School issued red blouse OR black shirt under choir robe

    2. Black skirts that cover the knees or longer

    3. Off black pantyhose

    4. Black, closed toe dress shoes


    If you choose to wear anything that is not part of the uniform it will affect your concert grade. The teacher reserves the right to pull students from participating in the concert if there are too many uniform discrepancies.

     These are the choir directors here at OJH.

    Mrs. Alicia Campbell
    Mr. John Wilkins


    Mrs. Alicia Campbell:

    Mrs. Campbell is the choir teacher here at OJH. She teaches 8th and 9th grade boys and girls. She graduated from Jefferson City High School in 1993 and in 1997, she graduated from Southwest Baptist Universiy with a degree in Music Education. She graduated from University of Central Missouri with a Master of Arts in Music Education/Conducting later in 2014. She has 3 dogs whose names are Frank, Sugar, and Nancy. Mrs. Campbell loves dark chocolate-specifically Ghirardelli and Dove filled with caramel but NOT Hershey Special Dark and she hates olives, avocados, beets, and green peppers. She does not drink coffee but she loves hot Earl Grey tea. Mrs. Campbell also loves to read, knit, cook, and craft. 

    Mr. John Wilkins:

    Mr. Wilkins has been teaching for 3 years at Ozark High School. He currently serves as a choir director at both the jr. high and high school, as well as the music director for the musical, and the manager of auditorium activities. Mr. Wilkins teaches 4 sections of choir at the high school and 2 sections of choir a the jr. high. He graduated from Webb City High School and grew up in the Joplin area. He received his bachelor's degree in vocal performance with a minor in German, from Missouri Southern State University. He also received his master's degree from Missouri State University in choral conducting. When he was there, he served as a graduate assistant to Dr. Guy B. Webb. He received his teaching certification from Central Methodist University and started teaching in 2014 for the Poplar Bluff School District. Mr. Wilkins is a major MLB and PGA fan, often watching both at the same time on different devices. He lives in Ozark with his wife who is the music teacher at South Elementary. They love Ozark and are proud to be Tigers!  

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    Created By: Bri Pointer - Fall 2017