• U.S. Army



     Mission Statement

    To motivate young people to be better citizens.

    In these classes, we focus on citizenship, leadership, service to the community and personal responsibility.  Students will learn self-esteem and self-discipline while doing team activities.

    Class Units:
    • Drill & Ceremony
    • Marksmanship
    • Physical Training
    • Flag Code
    • Personal Growth
    • Others That Develop Citizenship

    1st Sgt. Crawford  

     1st Sgt. Mozingo

     First Sergeant Crawford

    First Sergeant Mozingo

      Nicola Mozingo has her bachelor's degree from Southwest Missouri State and her masters from Lindenwood. She has served in the Air Force Reserves for 22 years. Her jobs have been from munitions technicians to being a First Sergeant. She has taught Leadership for 6 years full-time and before that was History.  First Sergeant Crawford has a bachelor's degree in Security Managment and Security Administration. He has served on active duty for 25 years. He has been deployed from Ansbach, Germany all the way to Korea, with many places in between. His duties have included a gunner and team leader to First Sergeant.
    Created Spring - 2018 By:  Maddie Satterly