• Sight Singing Lines 

    At the start of the year, students will receive a sight singing packet. Certain lines must be individually sung for the teacher by set dates (dates given by teacher during class, and communicated by email). Students typically have 8 lines due per month.

    We practice sight singing as a group every day as a class! I give students time to complete these individual sight singing lines every Friday. If students complete at least 4 lines per Friday class, they should be right on track. They can also work ahead, of course!   

    In addition to class time, students can grab a Tiger Focus study hall pass to complete their lines with me! Students may also work on these with me before or after school, if they communicate with me and set up a time.  

    Sight singing is a vital skill for young singers! They must be able to read the music accurately and sing what is on the page in front of them. 

  • Steps For Completing Sight Singing Lines


    1. Check the key. The key will either tell you where Do is, or where a different solfege note is.


    2. Figure out what your first note is, based on the key.


    3. Write in your solfege! Count every line and space.


    4. Use your hand signs to help you figure out how to sing the line. Move your hand up and down accordingly for the signs, and then your voice follows the hand.


    5. Sing the line for Mrs. Vomund (or an A+ tutor)


    6. If you've sung the line successfully, you'll get a signature indicating that you are finished with that line.


    You may not move on to a line until you have completed the line before it. SO, if you get behind on a due date, you will be behind for the next due date! Don't get behind. Use class time wisely and sign up for my Tiger Focus to stay on track!

Hand signs