• 2019 SCMMEA Honor Choir Students will be posted here after auditions.

  • What is the SCMMEA Honor Choir?

    The South Central Missouri Music Educators of America 5/6th Grade Honor Choir takes place on Saturday, February 23rd, from 8 AM until roughly 5 pm. Select students from schools across the South Central District will learn 5 songs outside of class, and then come together to rehearse them for a day and perform a concert that evening with a special choral clinician as their director. It is a wonderful experience!! There is also a 7/8th grade honor choir that Ozark students are eligible for once they reach 8th grade. 

    Ozark Middle School is only allwowed to bring 16 singers to the honor choir, so we will hold auditions during class sometime in SeptemberIf your student will not be at school on these days and wishes to audition, CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY and I will set up a time for them!

    Students will audition one at a time with Mrs. Vomund in the practice room. Music does not need to be memorized. DO NOT AUDITION FOR THE CHOIR IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE PERFORMANCE DAY ON FEBRUARY 23RD!

    If selected, this Honor Choir requires students to learn 5 songs on their own, outside of choir class. They will be expected to practice at home, sign up for study hall days with Mrs. V, and come in for a few additional morning/after school rehearsals. Those rehearsals will be announced in December, after chosen students communicate their availability with Mrs V.

    Below you'll find the practice tracks for the audition. Students can pick up the music in the choir room. If your student is an alto in our choir, they should audition as an alto; if they are a soprano in our choir, they should audiiton as a soprano. If your student wishes to audition on a part different than the one they sing in class, please ask me first!  

    What is the audition process?

    Students will prepare the audition song on their own, using the practice tracks below. One at a time, they will be called to the practice room. They will sing their part while Ms. E plays along, and then sing their part again while Ms. E plays both their part AND the other voice part. Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

    1. Note Accuracy

    2. Rhythmic Accuracy

    3. Dynamics

    4. Tone Quality 

    8 Part 1 singers and 8 Part 2 singers will be chosen. An email will be sent out the night of Friday, November 10th with audition results. There will also be a 1st alternate chosen for Part 1 and Part 2, in the case that any of the selected students become unavailable for the honor choir day. 


    2018 SCMMEA Honor Choir Members

    Mallory Beets, Greyson Buckner, Mirabelle Calvanese, Olivia Carpenter,

    Reece Cook, Shawn Davis, Eric Decker, Laine Garner,

    Makenzi Hutchison, Addison Lewis, Alexa Malone, Brooklyn O’Neill,

    Logan Smith, John Stine, Maelynn Sundlie, Olivia Taylor