• MSU Men's Choral Festival

    Each year, Missouri State University hosts an invitational honor choir open to all men enrolled in choir within our district. The date for this year's MSU Men's Choral Festival has not been announced yet, check here for updates! 

    Before the festival, students will learn two short songs with Mrs. Vomund. The day of the festival, we travel to MSU's campus and spend the day working on these songs with other male singers from all over our district. Last year over 900 men attended!! 

    The students are divided into 3 choirs: Unchanged Voices, Changing Voices, and Changed Voices. Mrs. Vomund will let you know which choir you belong to. Each choir is led by a guest clinician, often a veteran teacher who has a wealth of experience teaching Men's Choir. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn, make great music, and meet new friends! Pizza is served for lunch. What more could you want!? 


    Use the practice tracks on Canvas to learn the pieces for the honor choir! We will have a few rehearsals, but learning your part is on you.

MSU Men's Choir
MSU Men's Choir