• Tutoring Guidelines K-4

    Student Guidelines

    Tutoring guidelines focus on students who:

    • Need intervention based on observation and assessment data (see qualified tutoring above)
    • Based on observation and assessment data, need assistance with skill or concept attainment
    • Need additional time to complete coursework

    Teacher Guidelines

    • The building principal must approve tutoring (student and teacher).
    • Teachers must put the tutoring student’s names on the building approved form (form title) with their hourly tutoring for reimbursement on a monthly basis. Teachers may not declare tutoring hours after the time sheets have been turned in unless approved by an administrator. Note: The RTI  process is the preference; however, it should not limit a student from receiving tutorial services. If a student has not been referred to the RTI team, but is in need of tutoring, s/he should be given tutoring opportunities with approval from the building principal.


    • District-approved assessments, as determined by the building principal, should be given to each student tutoring to check for learning progress.
    • Other examples of student improvement (teacher observation, etc), as approved by the building principal, may also be used for accountability.