Operation Renovate & Innovate

  • Operation Renovate & Innovate is Phase One of the District's Long Range Plan; however, it's about more than buildings. We are enhancing our educational philosophy and becoming more innovative in our approach to education.

    Ozark voters will see a question from Ozark School District on the April, 2020 ballot — a $26.5 million no tax increase bond issue. 

    The projects include renovating the Ozark Innovation Center to become a second high school campus, and renovating the District Office to expand Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center. Operation renovate & innovate logo

    The estimated completion date is August, 2022. Grades will shift for the 2022-23 school year:

    • Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center - Pre-K classes added 
    • Elementary - K-4
    • Ozark Middle School - 5-6
    • Ozark Junior High - 7-8
    • Ozark High School + Innovation Center - 9-12  

    The original plan called for the District to purchase an existing commercial facility to remodel for a high school career and technical center; remodel and add a storm shelter to OMS; and remodel the District Office to expand Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center. Due to budget constraints, the new construction at OMS will be moved to a later phase of the project. Renovations and remodeling already underway will continue at OMS.

    This information is being provided to you by the Ozark School District so you can learn more about the proposed no tax increase bond issue. Regardless of whether you support the bond issue or not, we encourage you to vote.


  • Bond Facts At A Glance

    Here are some quick facts about the $26.5 million no tax increase bond issue voters will see on the April 7, 2020, ballot.

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  • Academy Model

    We have been talking about how we are enhancing our educational philosophy, but what does that mean for students, staff and the community? Our goal is to improve the high school experience for all students for the real needs of the 21st century.

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  • Innovation Center Renderings

    Curious how the Ozark Innovation Center will look? Check out the initial renderings of the Ozark Innovation Center so you can visualize how the facility will look.

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  • How Will This Grade Shift Impact Your Student?

    Pending passage of the $26.5 million no tax increase bond issue, grade levels will shift for the 2022-23 school year. This graphic shows how the grade shift will impact your student.

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  • Operation Renovate & Innovate Timeline

    A lot has already happened through Operation Renovate & Innovate, and, pending passage of the $26.5 million no tax increase bond issue April 7, Ozark School District will see a lot more moving pieces between now and summer 2022.

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  • Bond Q & A

    Operation Renovate & Innovate and the $26.5 million no tax increase bond issue impacts every student, provides fiscal responsibility and enhances our educational philosophy. Find out how with this Q & A.

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  • District Adds No Tax Increase Bond Issue on April Ballot

    Ozark voters will see a question from Ozark School District on the April, 2020 ballot -- a $26.5 million no tax increase bond issue for renovation of the Ozark Innovation Center and expansion of Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center.

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  • Innovation Center Programs

    Ozark School District has selected the programs to be moved to the Innovation Center. Keep in mind, this is a fluid process and we may need to make adjustments as we progress. The goal is to move 400+ students from the high school to accommodate a return to the 9-12th grade configuration.

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  • Board Approves Architect for Operation Renovate & Innovate

    October has been a busy month for Ozark School District Board of Education and administrators, as they selected the architect for Operation Renovate & Innovate projects, as well as the contractor for the front District Office portion of the Innovation Center.

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  • What Does it Mean to be Innovative?

    At the State of the Community Oct. 4, 2019, Superintendent Chris Bauman shared the innovation progress of the District.

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  • Operation Renovate & Innovate Committees

    Over the summer, district administrators established eight areas of focus for planning the educational aspects of the innovation center. Within each area of focus, committees are meeting to investigate possible program and class structure.

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  • Seeking Community Feedback

    As we move forward in the planning stages of Operation Renovate & Innovate, we would like to ask for your help designing the new high school innovation center.

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  • Request for Qualifications for Architectural Services

    The Board of Education of Ozark School District requests statements of qualifications for professional architectural services.

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  • Ozark School District Purchases Facility as Part of Long Range Plan

    Ozark School District closed on the purchase of the commercial property known as the Fasco building located at 1600 W. Jackson St. in Ozark on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. The $4.1 million purchase is part of Phase 1 of the District's Long Range Plan, which the Board of Education approved in March, and will serve as an extension of the main Ozark High School campus and a new location of District Office.

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  • Ozark Middle School Renovation and Addition

    Over the summer of 2019, Ozark Middle School saw many renovations and updates.

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