• To provide high-quality education for each student’s future-readiness


  • An innovative school district preparing students to use their talents for success

Beliefs and Values

    • We believe each student should be prepared for success in the path they choose to pursue
    • We believe each student’s achievement comes through both independence and collaboration
    • We believe in different methods of instruction because each student learns in different ways
    • We believe each student regardless of individual challenges, is able to learn in a safe and equitable learning environment
    • We believe each student serves a vital role in the growth and sustainability of our Ozark community

Strategic Goals

    • Goal 1: Provide an environment of high-quality instruction to produce applied learning
    • Goal 2: Provide appropriate tiered supports that promote positive development for all students
    • Goal 3: Foster a culture of respect with shared leadership for all employees through recruitment, retention, and professional development
    • Goal 4: Partner with stakeholders to continue our development of a strong, innovative, and progressive school district